Transmissions :: Masma Dream World

This week on Transmissions, we’re joined by sound healer, reiki practitioner, and avant-garde composer Devi Mambouka, better known as Masma Dream World. Her latest LP is called Play At Night, out on Northern Spy Records. It’s a blend of subterranean bass, spooky backwards masked poetry, and shifting, nocturnal soundscapes designed to entrance, inviting you to examine your “preconceived relationship with darkness, guiding you to step into it—to play in it.” 

Transmissions :: Masma Dream World

Mambouka took some time out of a weekend last month to speak with us about her global backstory, discuss how DJing influenced her alchemical approach, and play around with the concept of darkness.

Episode playlist: Masma Dream World, “Theta” ++ Altered Form, “Serpens Cauda” ++ Masma Dream World, “Knight Wolf”

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