Tommy Guerrero :: Sunshine Radio

Tommy Guerrero spent the ’80s carving out a skateboarding legacy with pioneering Bones Brigade. His skating style was relaxed and untroubled, and he approaches his many varied musical projects with an equally effortless cool. He’s been releasing records since 1998, each one offering up a set of diverse, rhythmically comforting compositions. His latest trove of instrumental grooves is called Sunshine Radio, which blends global jazz and funk flavors. It feels like a standout in his discography, more beat-driven listen than his sleepy, desert- inspired Los Days duo, but crafted and controlled in a way that departs from the ultra-loose party music of his Blktop Project quintet. Radio is a proper solo effort; Guerrero plays all 12 tracks’ worth of guitar, bass, keys, drums, and percussion, accompanied only by Matt Rodriguez (congas and bongos) and Chuck Treece (just once, on drums for “Rise of The Earth People”). It’s a swift, reliable 40 minutes of positivity—street music for the soul as much as soul music for the street. “Take a sonic respite from the endless noise,” Guerrero suggests in the accompanying notes. “Sunshine Radio hopes to spark a bit of joy…it’s all about cruising on, dropping the top, and taking in a bit of fresh air.” | k fortinsky

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