Robyn Hitchcock/Howe Gelb of Giant Sand/Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate :: Transmissions

Hope you’re enjoying the new season of Aquarium Drunkard’s Transmissions. Here’s a good one from the archives, a favorite of Timothy Showalter of Strand of Oaks a roundtable talk with three lifers: Howe Gelb, Robyn Hitchcock, and Steve Wynn.

Transmissions: Robyn Hitchcock/Steve Wynn/Howe Gelb

The three share similar paths through scenes and the industry, their paths are shared but divergent, and there’s a spiritual unity at work even in their differences. With his band Giant Sand, Howe Gelb pens strange, dusty songs about love and the desert. Both solo and with his Paisley Underground pioneering band the Dream Syndicate, Wynn composes driving minimalist rock sagas (a recent 11-disc boxset documents much of his range) . And after emerging from the UK punk scene with the Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock has embarked on a career full of wry and funny songs that skewer pop conventions. We spoke in in August of 2018 when they performed at HOCO Fest in Tucson, Arizona, a place where they all share considerable history. This interview was recorded at the KXCI studio at the historic Hotel Congress. Please enjoy this one from the vault.

Episode playlist: Dream Syndicate, “The Regulator” ++ Robyn Hitchcock, “All Love and No Peace”

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