Endlings :: Cither

Together as Endlings, Deerhoof guitarist John Dieterich and composer Raven Chacon offer up cavernous waves of sound. On their second collaborative lp Human Form, they join together for a series of compositions that incorporate phone apps, music boxes, and skittering percussive outbursts by Bay Area percussionist Marshall Trammel. Known for his work with Kronos Quartet, the art collective Postcommodity and for renegade art exhibits like 2015’s Repellent Fence, a floating protest statement staged in the air along the US/Mexico border, Chacon is a fixture of the Southwest noise scene. He first began collaborating with Dieterich—no stranger to improvisatory duos with artists like Mary Halvorson and Tashi Dorji—for a 2010 performance at the Albuquerque Experimental Music Festival. On the newly released “Cither,” began with the duo performing an “experiment of exploiting phone apps—something we have extended to our recent music,” Chacon says. Utilizing only an intonation ear training app, they create a throbbing wash of microtonal variation that builds to a steady drone. Like the desert that surrounds Chacon and Dieterich, it’s harsh but overwhelmingly, open for wandering and sun beat contemplation. | j woodbury

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