Colleen :: Implosion-Explosion

On “Implosion-Explosion” Colleen explores the space between the internal and the external. Cécile Schott has recorded under the Colleen banner since the early 2000s, creating electronic music and drawing from varied techniques, including sample-based minimalism and live instrumentation. Her latest juxtaposes her uncanny voice over a flooding Ace Tone organ and rhythms coaxed from a 1969 Elka Drummer One drum machine—a model favored by groups like Cluster and Harmonia on their pioneering kosmische musik albums from the ’70s. Like the celestially-oriented “Gazing at Taurus – Santa Eulalia,” released earlier this year, it’s a selection from her forthcoming The Tunnel and the Clearing, out May 21, which was written and recorded over a year that found Schott processing a mysterious illness, the dissolution of a relationship, and a move to Barcelona (all on top of the lockdowns and pandemic). Challenging herself to compose using analog equipment almost exclusively, Schott leans into dub techniques (note: spinning her 2015 dub mix for FACT with likely improve your day significantly) to create to suggest echoes ringing out into the expanse but also repeating into the personal interior: “Can you tell I am imploding? Can you tell I am exploding?” | j woodbury

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