Karen Dalton :: Casino de Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival (5-1-1971)

Once you’ve heard it, Karen Dalton’s voice is hard to shake. But there aren’t many places to hear (and see) it like this. Filmed on-stage in Montreux, Switzerland, a 14-minute professionally shot recording recently resurfaced, passed around from head to head like contraband. It showcases Dalton in her element, backed up by a sympathetic band for a rundown of songs mostly pulled from In My Own Time, the lp she released that same year. Live video of Dalton performing is rare—she suffered from stage fright—but the footage aptly demonstrates why that’s such a shame. Seated and often closing her eyes to focus, Dalton is tapped into the frequency. The year is shaping up to be a good one for Dalton devotees: Karen Dalton: In My Own Time, a documentary from directors Richard Peete and Robert Yapkowitz is set to screen in theaters later this year. It’s produced by Wim Wenders and Light in the Attic Records (whose 2006 reissue campaign introduced your author to K.D.’s work), scored by Julia Holter, narrated by Angel Olsen, and featuring interviews with Nick Cave, Lacy B. Dalton, and others. | j woodbury

Karen Dalton, Casino de Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival (5-1-1971): Something On Your Mind ++ Blues on the Ceiling ++ Are You Leaving for the Country? ++ One Night of Love

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