Unearthed, Vol. 15 :: Demolition Derby

For this Unearthed bootleg mix we’re digging into our decades-spanning stash of unreleased demo tapes. Some of them are exceedingly rough, still searching for the song. Others are fully formed, the finish line in view. Some are recorded straight to a boom box at home, others in a tricked out Hollywood studio. What ties them all together is the feeling that we’re getting a little peek behind the curtain, eavesdropping as a great songwriter or band puts the pieces together. The vision might still be a little blurry, but it’s starting to come into focus. | t wilcox

Gypsy – Stevie Nicks / Time Fades Away – Royal Trux / Shakedown Street – The Grateful Dead / Warning Sign – Talking Heads / Airplane – The Beach Boys / My Rival – Steely Dan / Edith and the Kingpin – Joni Mitchell / Double Exposure – Television / The Open Road – Galaxie 500 / Strawberry Fields Forever – John Lennon / Overcome – The Breeders / Safe Neighborhood – Madonna / Ballerina – Van Morrison / Changes – David Bowie / Sleeping is the Only Love – Silver Jews / Just the Motion – Richard & Linda Thompson / Ride Into The Sun – The Velvet Underground / Place To Be – Nick Drake

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