Pink Floyd :: Leeds University, Yorkshire, England, February 28, 1970

Leeds University in February of 1970 — the place to be in the early 1970s! Not only could you have been in the audience for one of The Who’s most celebrated concerts, you also could have caught Pink Floyd blowing minds, banging gongs and setting the controls for the heart of the sun. Captured on a very nice audience tape, this is the Floyd at their most epic and spacey: six songs in just under 90 minutes. Lumbering jams, funereal keyboards, searing lead guitar, harrowing screeches. The good stuff. The band would go on to multi-platinum glory later in the 70s, but there’s an argument to be made that the Gilmour-era Pink Floyd peaked somewhere right around here … | t wilcox

The Embryo | Careful With That Axe, Eugene | Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun | The Amazing Pudding | A Saucerful of Secrets | Interstellar Overdrive

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