Angel Bat Dawid :: Transmissions

This week on the show, Chicago’s Angel Bat Dawid. A composer, clarinetist, poet, and vocalist, she’s one of the shining stars of the International Anthem label, where she’s issued some incredible records like Live, with her band Tha Brothahood and Oracle. She also plays with other groups, like Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble—she’s featured prominently on their incredible new album, NOW, which blends free jazz and hypnotic R&B. Angel joined us to discuss record collecting, the influence of Sun Ra, her history with music and religion, her creative practice, race, and much more.

Transmissions :: Angel Bat Dawid

Episode playlist: Angel Bat Dawid, “Black Family” ++ Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brotherhood, “We Are Starzz”

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