Nana Yamato :: Before Sunrise

Written in the midst of last year’s lockdown, Nana Yamato breaks away from the weariness of isolation on her debut album Before Sunrise. Music has served as an escape hatch for the 20-year-old Yamato, who would retreat to Big Love Records in Harajuku after school regularly to find solace among the stacks. Released by Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts’ Dull Tools label, the record explores Yamato’s place within the fabric of Tokyo—a city she describes as lonely at its core—via daydream pop, pairing MIDI blips, DIY beats, gleeful guitar pop, and neon-lit romance. Before Sunrise conveys the sensation of walking alone in the early hours of a day, before the city has woken up, left alone with only your thoughts and the limitless possibility of a new day. | s goldstein

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