Green-House :: Sunflower Dance/Royal Fern

Few artists today release music under a moniker more indicative of their sound than Olive Ardizoni’s Green-House. Their engaging electronic compositions are Planet Earth-ready, replete with overlays of flowing brooks, gleefully singing birds, and humming tranquility. “The intention of this project is to facilitate the connection between humans and nature,” Ardizoni says, “instead of perceiving nature as something that’s separate from us.” 

Music for Living Space, the follow up to Green-House’s debut EP Six Songs For Invisible Gardens—an AD favorite in 2020—sees release on May 7th. With it, Ardizoni plants the next chapter in Green-House’s budding auditory garden. Two tracks have been shared in advance, “Sunflower Dance” and “Royal Fern,” which provide an alluring peek into the album’s fertile components. “Sunflower” begins in earnest with a bright flash of piano and flute, filling in with bubbling nodes and twinkling chime-like electronics. “Fern” is patient (almost melancholic), coasting sedately along an avian path, with shimmering notes joining in alongside a string-synth combination that peaks ever so quickly, before settling into, and concluding with, an organic and buoyant warmth.    

Expanding on their thoughts, Ardizoni believes “…we can recognize nature as something that is within us and in everything we do in our daily lives. You don’t need to have access to the great outdoors to feel connected to the environment.” This music is proof enough.  | k fortinsky

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