Ilyas Ahmed & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma :: You Can See Your Own Way Out

The dreamlike drifts of You Can See Your Own Way Out, the first full-length collaboration between Ilyas Ahmed and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, have a decidedly cinematic flavor, like the soundtrack to some unknown arthouse masterpiece. Personally, I get a Stalker vibe, with uncanny landscapes and surreal visions unfolding before my eyes. Your imagination may take you somewhere else entirely (though it should probably be noted that one of the titles here is a Cassavetes reference).

Wherever you end up, you’re going to love this haunting and lovely record — the work of two skilled musicians who know how to set (and maintain) a mood. Misty and minimal, the songs here float by on gentle currents of synth, spidery guitar work and eerie field recordings. There’s an unfinished, unresolved feel throughout, but that’s likely by design. As beautiful as You Can See Your Own Way Out may be at times, Ahmed and Cantu-Ledesma don’t want you to get too comfortable. You’re not going to solve any mystery; the pleasure is in following the clues. | t wilcox

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