Jon Hassell w/ David Rosenboom: Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada, October 9, 1976

When everyone is into the “exotic,” then what’s “exotic”? Fourth World means: get yourself a world vocabulary; use it with subtlety and a keen sense of surprise; follow pleasure; trust your intuition (after you’re sure you know what that is). — Jon Hassell

RIP to Jon Hassell, “Fourth World” composer, who passed away a few days ago. Hassell’s music always sounds so fresh and imaginative, as he explores the endless dreamscape of our collective consciousness. He was still producing great work — last year’s Seeing Through Sound stands up with his best. Definitely spend some time listening to some Hassell music this week. Here’s a rarity to get you started: one of the earliest live recordings of Jon, duetting with tabla-ist David Rosenboom in Toronto, right around the time of Vernal Equinox, Hassell’s landmark debut LP. A beautiful half-hour of raga-esque modes. And hey, consider donating to Jon’s GoFundMe campaign, which will now “allow the tremendous personal archive of his music, much unreleased, to be preserved and shared with the world for years to come.” Jon is gone, but the Fourth World lives on. | t wilcox

Download: Jon Hassell w/ David Rosenboom :: Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada, October 9, 1976

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