Monde UFO :: Lowered Shelf

Far more illuminating than that Pentagon Report, Monde UFO‘s “Lowered Shelf” has remained an audible mainstay here at AD hq over the past several months. Culled from the LA based duo’s forthcoming lp, 7171, the track is a slice of low-key bedroom pop-psychedelia in the vein of Syd Barrett. Following their 2019 seven-inch—“A Pale Horse in Roswell 1947” b/w “Amalgamated”—”Shelf” works in the bossa nova chill of the aforementioned B-side, while incorporating horns and an organ & chant-bedded shuffle beat, constructing a hypnotic chamber jazz atmosphere. The group sings of an “incandescent melancholy,” as the sonic atrium grows wild and untamed. Keep an eye on the skies. | c depasquale

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