Pony Hunt :: VAR!

VAR! is the sophomore album from Pony Hunt—the musical project of New Orleans-based artist Jessie Antonick. Named after the discovery of a Cepheid Variable by astronomer Edwin Hubble, ultimately leading him to the realization of the Andromeda galaxy as well as a greater understanding of the vastness of our universe, the album correspondingly feels like some kind of pulsating star, its brightness shining in unpredictable ways.

Antonick works a voodoo jukebox blues, draped in a mossy late-summer haze, mingling doo-wop and barbershop tones with dusty, settled cedarn folk and bleary, country-tinged garage rock. Equal parts Roadhouse and Double R; Velvet Underground and The Sandwitches; dawn and dusk, it exists somewhere out of reach, its luminosity shifting on a dial entirely its own. | c depasquale

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