Lonnie Holley :: In the Gardens at Pulp

Lonnie Holley is no stranger to improvisatory collaboration. From his work with the late Richard Swift to his album with Matthew E. White, Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection, released earlier this year, something alchemical happens when Holley gathers with fellow artists to explore possibilities. Last December, Holley took part in a two-week recording residency at Pulp Arts, an arts and fabrication space in Gainesville, Florida. There, he rotated between sculpting, painting, and recording with a band made up of Christopher Paul Stelling, Dave Eggar, Evie Andrus, Jordon Ellis, and Phil Faconti, who convened after a series of collaborations at the Big Ears festival. 

“This performance is sourced from a series of improvisations in the gardens at Pulp that took place in between studio tracking and developing new sculptural pieces inside Pulp’s fabrication shop. ‘Pipin Hot’ features Christopher Paul Stelling on guitar, Evie Andrus on violin, and Jordon Ellis on percussion and is one of our fondest memories of Lonnie’s residency,” says Steve Head of Pulp.

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