Beachwood Sparks :: Sandbox Sessions

As the eponymous Beachwood Sparks debut celebrates 20 years, some fascinating rarities have surfaced including this particularly intriguing nugget: a recently unearthed tape consisting of unreleased studio tracks (recorded prior to the first album). Here we find the earliest cuts of songs like live staple “Time”, a self-proclaimed “sweet slice of melancholy west-coast jangle rock”. Most noteworthy, these recordings consist of the original Sparks lineup featuring Josh Schwartz and Pete Kinne, both of whom have tragically since passed. The lofty seven minute opener exemplifies Schwartz’s talents as a songwriter and guitarist, melding the band’s harmonious, Byrds-inspired blend with a heavy, crashing barrage of a coda. For longtime fans of the band and its extended California family tree, this set via Curation Records is a must listen. | m neeley

Beachwood Sparks :: One Two Three, One Two Three

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