Powers / Rolin Duo :: Strange Fortune

It’s been a prosperous year for the ever-unfolding iterations of the Powers/Rolin consciousness. Strange Fortune delves ever further into the duo’s own hall of mirrors, offering yet another facet of their diamond-mind union. Each piece flows effortlessly, and it would be easy to think of the record as a continuous whole if not for the gentle tolling bells to signal new beginnings along the way, imbuing the proceedings with a sense of ceremony, reminding whoever’s listening to take a breath and to return to the moment, before being beckoned ever onward. All paths ultimately ascend toward the gorgeous, sidelong finale, ‘Amaranth,’ where swaths of 12-string guitar and strands of dulcimer braid together in shimmering drones, blooming through the speakers in slow motion, manifesting a music of pure and resplendent light. | j annnis

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