Mike Etten :: Love Wash

As the original member of the experimental rock band PC Worship, Mike Etten steps out of a darker and rugged sound and into a more authentic project of self expression on his new album Love Wash. No stranger to sharing a stage, as a guitar and bass player in the Dougie Poole band, Etten’s support within various projects allows for myriad musical experimentation. Love Wash displays this fluid artistic experience through a variety of moods carried across the ten track album, as Etten describes scenes in time through a detail oriented lens. His romanticization of life through lyrics is utilized like a tool, with songs like “Drive”, where a late night ride home feels like a poetic act of alone time. The musical influence of PC Worship leaks through Etten’s solo material with exploratory sounds of chaos and excitement that build in anticipation on tracks like “Across the Flats and Saints”. Etten doesn’t want to just show you the moments he describes, he wants you to be in the moments with him. | s goldstein

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