The Gist :: Being True

Following the split of post-punk minimalists Young Marble Giants, Stuart Moxham formed The Gist–a one-off project yielding a sole lp, 1982’s Embrace the Herd. Until 2017, that is, when Moxham released Holding Pattern, a collection of 14 tracks dating back to the early 80s, during a period in which the artist found himself holed up in Nottingham, England armed with a TEAC four track reel to reel and a cassette Portastudio. Homespun, the songs gathered possess an organic intimacy, from the drum machine laden “Bongo Headache” to the bouncy, Caribbean leaning “Fool For A Valentine”. But the real gem is the semi-acoustic love croon “Being True”, a tune anchored by Moxham’s vocal inflection, circular guitar and a drumkit that sounds as if it was mic’d and recorded in a low-lit kitchen at 3am. And who’s to say it wasn’t.

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