Marthe Zambo :: Ebele Minga / Bidan

A highlife and proto-disco delight from Cameroonian singer Marthe Zambo, “Ebele Minga” radiates in marrying more traditional West African roots music with early leanings into electronic and synth-based rhythms. It’s difficult to put a particular date on this 7”, but it seems to perhaps just precede Zambo’s 1980 debut lp, Bikola, a record which also finds her just dipping her sonic toes into a more modern style of dance music (check out the manic whirling synth on “Bidan” below, too). But here, Zambo joyfully joins handclap percussion and orchestral horns with a reedy, tight synth groove—one that slyly stays locked in across the track’s four-minutes, while Zambo, her backup singers, and the rest of her band remain in constant, ecstatic motion. | c depasquale

Marthe Zambo :: Ebele Minga
Marthe Zambo :: Bidan

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