ROY :: Capitalism

Patrick Lefler is a key figure in Toronto’s new psychedelic scene. As the mastermind behind the revolving doors of ROY, his recent releases have included an extraterrestrial concept album, a trip back to the garage, and a collection of soothing synth waves to coax listeners into slumber. For his latest project, Lefler attempts to unshackle music from the constraints of capitalism itself. To accomplish this seemingly impossible task, he offers the antithesis: a free download. Each song springboards off a cherished object that plays a critical role in Lefler’s day-to-day life: a lava lamp, a dirty dish rag, a Bic pen. Many of these gloopy psych-pop lullabies reportedly feature the titular objects themselves as sound sources, though it’s difficult to discern precisely what’s going on. Like Brian Wilson in his sandbox, Lefler stacks layers of wide-eyed harmonies onto time-warped melodies while snapping an elastic band or blowing into a balloon with the aplomb of Paul McCartney chomping on celery. After squelching through the penultimate seven-minute wah wah workout “Saga of the Dancing Raincoat”, he closes the album with a wistful, Nilsson-esque piano-pop jam that poses a trippy philosophical question: “can you really own anything?” |  j locke

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