Neil Young :: A Few More Honey Slides

After a somewhat, er, “shakey” start, the online home of the Neil Young Archives has hit its stride. The past year has seen an incredible array of previously unavailable material show up for subscribers to enjoy. Outtakes stretching back to the Buffalo Springfield days, full live shows available to stream, rare films … All this and Neil himself regularly answering your questions in the Letters to the Editor column. Suffice to say, if you’re a fan of the man, you should consider signing up for the Archives. Below, we’ve got a small sampler mix of some of the goodies — plus a few things that haven’t made it to the NYA just yet. | t wilcox

Neil Young – Cortez The Killer (Live 1999) ++ Neil Young – Tonight’s the Night (Outtake 1973) ++ Neil Young & The International Harvesters – Interstate (Live 1985) ++ Neil Young – Down To The Wire (Live 1969) ++ Neil Young – Instrumental (Outtake 2010) ++ Neil Young – Dance Dance Dance (Outtake 1971) ++ Neil Young – High School Graduation (Demo 1967) ++ Neil Young – You Never Call (Live 2010) ++ Neil Young – For The Love Of Man (Outtake 2010) ++ Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Down By The River (Live 1976) ++ Neil Young – Barefoot Floors (Outtake 1974) 

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