Neil Young :: Harvested (Harvest Re-Imagined)

Neil Young’s Harvest turned 50 this month — and thanks to hits like “Heart of Gold” and “Old Man,” the 1972 LP remains one of the songwriter’s signature efforts. It sold in the millions and made Young a bona fide solo superstar, an experience that caused him to head for what he famously called “the ditch”; the albums that followed included Time Fades Away, On The Beach and Tonight’s The Night. But despite its blockbuster status, Harvest is darker, deeper and weirder than you might remember. To hear it with fresh ears, step into the barn with Neil one more time and check out this decades-spanning, re-imagined version of the album, compiled out of ranch rambles, live arrangements, fireside sessions, and even a little chicken coop jam. | t wilcox

Neil Young :: Harvested

Out On The Weekend (Ranch Recording, 1971) ++ Harvest (Chicken Coop Session, 2020) ++ Man Needs A Maid (Boulder 1976) ++ Heart of Gold (Birmingham 1987) ++ Are You Ready For The Country (San Francisco 1975) ++ Old Man (San Jose 1984) ++ There’s A World (Omemee 2017) ++ Alabama (Indio 2016) ++ Needle and the Damage Done (Barrie 1996) ++ Words (Fireside Session 2020 / Madrid 2008)

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