First & Last: Japanese Private Press, Vol. 2

Welcome to the second installment of First & Last, a series of mixes providing a glimpse into the world of Japanese private press, or 自主盤, pronounced “jishuban”, which loosely translates to “independent board.” This second entry picks up where volume one left off, including a live recording from a concert compilation (track one), and music from the incredibly rare First Album, by Elf, of which only fifteen copies were manufactured. | t craft

1. とお – ねらいうち⁣ (197?)
2. Elf (エルフ) – 君がわからない (1975)
3. Kazunari Tanaka – 悲しみの中に (1973)
4. 石榑峠の萬屋 (The Ishigure Toge No Yorozuya) – 石榑峠の萬屋 (1973)
5. Enough – そして今 (1975)
6. ローズ・マリー (Rose Mary) – ローズ・マリーの赤ちやん (Rosemary’s Baby) (1975)
7. 佐藤俊喜 (Tosiki Satoh) – 無題 Untitled (1978)
8. 城山のならず者 (Joyama No Narazumono) – 太郎どんと次郎どんの犬 (1979)
9. 平凡ともうひとりの唄とギター (Heibon to Mouhitori No Uta To Guitar) – 夏の夜 (1974)
10. Jin (たむらじん) – 804 (1976)
11. 自由の鐘 (Liberty Bell) – かげろう (1972)

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