Transmissions :: Sasha Frere-Jones

Writer, musician, and prolific TikToker Sasha Frere-Jones joins us on Transmissions, Aquarium Drunkard’s weekly talk show podcast to discuss music criticism, listening habits, and self forgiveness. As a player, he’s known for his work with the fantastic post-rock band Ui, whose funky rhythms dipped into dub and electronica, the avant-rock band Body Meπa, where he plays alongside Greg Fox, Grey McMurray, and previous Transmissions guest Melvin Gibbs, and the ambient project Calvanist. As a writer, he’s penned essays and criticism for The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Village Voice, and dozens of other outlets. Most recently, he’s focused on the S/FJ Substack newsletter, where he shares music he’s interested in and other cultural ephemera. Today on the show he joins host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss recovery, navigating online life, and music. A note for audiophiles: just like online life, there’s a lot of extra clicks and noise in this one, but we believe the talk is more than worth sharing. Enjoy.

Transmissions :: Sasha Frere-Jones

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