Alice Coltrane :: Yogaville 1993

Beautiful Alice Coltrane artifacts keep popping up, whether in official guise (last year’s Turiya Sings collection) or unofficial bootleg situations (the astonishing Berkeley 1972 double LP). Somewhere in between is this recently unearthed video of Coltrane performing at the Yogaville complex in Buckingham, Virginia, in the 1990s. It opens with a remarkable solo harp rendition of “Journey In Satchidananda” — and hey, that’s Swami Satchidananda himself grooving along in the audience. From there, Alice hops over to synth to lead a series of chants, looking positively radiant even through some un-peaceful technical difficulties. The music may have eastern roots, but Coltrane’s call-and-response vibes and gospel-tinged playing often feel more Baptist than Hindu. A perfect blend. | t wilcox

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