First & Last: Japanese Private Press, Vol. 4

As noted in the first installment, this series is called First & Last as many of the records featured are simply titled “First Album” or “First & Last Album.” Many of these artists went into the studio knowing this was their one shot to make a record, and not all of them were lucky enough to create an entire LP. For many of the artists it was one 7” and done. This fourth volume features a menagerie of tunes for the early days of summer (with seven of the twelve songs culled from EPs), from psych-pop to breezy bossa nova, wrapping up with a grip of introspective folk. | t craft

1. インチ (Condor) – 愛惜 (1974)
2.秋中ファミリーバンド (Autumn Family Band) -ランチャのめぐみちゃん (1974)
3. 伏見京子 (Kyoko Fushimi) – Play (1973)
4. ラブ (Love) – ニ人の海 (1970)
5. Tap-Tup – 海は深くあいの色 (1973 or 1974)
6. エルフ (Elf) -この気持 (1975)
7. 田中寛 (Hiroshi Tanaka)・ 不破洋一 (Yoichi Fuwa) – No. 2 (1974)
8. 安芸ヒロシ (Hiroshi Angei) – あなたにそつ (197?)
9. 川島弘之 (Hiroyuki Kawashima) – 俺のベイビー (1976)
10. Flowing Love Band – 散 歩 (1974)
11. 山神水神 (Sanjin Suijin) – イズレニシテモ (Any How) (1972)
12. むらやまゆうじ (Yuji Murayama) – 人間になれよ (197?)

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