Julien Gasc :: Amour Velours

Toulouse based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Julien Gasc, returns in September with the release of his fourth solo album, Re Eff. “Qui est cette femme qui danse tout autour de mon corps?” inquires Gasc on “Amour Velours”, the first taste from the forthcoming lp. With a visual assist from director Olia Eichenbaum, the video finds the artist in medias res amidst an ongoing house party, a scene Eichenbaum describes as “generalized carnage, the image of a certain carefree France…with Julien there to move us with the tenderness of his phantasmagorical wandering.”

A proper late-night fête, dig the percussive breakdown around 2:40, and look for the album out this fall via the recently minted French label, Corps Double.

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