Lace Curtains :: Just Like In A Movie

Michael Coomers’ Lace Curtains returns in 2022 with a new collection, Just Like In a Movie. You may recall Coomers from Harlem, that rubber band ball of a band whose infectious, washed-out sound evoked The Clean’s Boodle Boodle Boodle, yet felt at right at home within the mid-to-late ’00s garage scene. That was then, this is now. Sans the rip-roaring jangle of Harlem behind him, the album finds Coomer’s writing and vocal inflection on full display, with lyrics that exist in fraught worlds where arguments spill out of open windows on the streets of Paris, and “Death To America” is yelled “at the top of our lungs.” The music itself is restrained, allowing Coomer’s stories top-billing while still stretching out in both familiar and new directions. | b kramer

Lace Curtains :: Fountains of Blood

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