Radio Is A Foreign Country :: Electro-Folk Sounds of North Sumatra (Mixtape)

Night recordings from the forests of old Borneo. Early synth cassettes from the Maghreb. Gypsy puppet theater orchestras from Azerbaijan. Electric thumb pianos blasting from homemade P.A. systems in the streets of Kinshasa. An obscure gong record from the mountains of Vietnam. A rare 1950s recording of catfish trumpets in the Amazonian Lowlands. A beggar lady’s song recorded in a desert oasis town somewhere in China. A Minangkabau shortwave broadcast from Sumatra. The sounds of taxi music and traffic jams in Cairo…These are the sounds you might here on Radio Is A Foreign Country, a not-for-profit radio platform and mixtape series that exposes listeners to obscure (and mostly vintage) regional folk and pop music from the global hinterlands, featuring cut-ups of international radio broadcasts (AM, FM, shortwave), field recordings, ethnographic film, vintage records and cassettes, and digital ephemera from the far reaches of the internet. For this special mixtape, the Radio Is A Foreign Country crew brings us a cross-section of North Sumatran electro folk. Tracklist below…

Djasa Tarigan – Anita Record
Auf Einer Hochzeit – At A Wedding (Gendang Sikat)
Odak Odak & Patam Patam Binge: Kulcapi vs Sarune (Gerhard Surbakti)
Patam Sarune Featuring Kulcapi & Keyboard (Teger Bangun)
Patam Sarunai Kulcapi Wei Kacibang With Joey Brahmana
Patam Patam Kulcapi
Tortor Adat (Forts) (Cont)
Tortor Adat (Batak – Museum Collection Berlin)
Jasa Tarigan – Gendang Kulcapi
Herman Pao Pao – Gendang Seluk
Haro-Haro – Musique Batak
Lagu Karo – Simalungun Rayat
Patam Sarune – Unknown artist
Simalungun Rayat – Alm. Djasa Trg Gendang Pemasu Masun Karo, Kulcapi Karo
Gendang pertang (Sarune featuring keyboard) – Tang Ose

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