Transmissions :: Longform Editions

Welcome back to Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions. This week on the show, we’re joined by Andrew Khedoori and Mark Gowing of Longform Editions

Transmissions :: Longform Editions

Home to extended experimental works by previous Transmissions guests like William Tyler, Carlos Nino, and Angel Bat Dawid—plus, many more avant composers and music makers, it’s tempting to think of Longform Editions  as a “record label,” but Andrew and Mark think of it more as an online gallery for musical works. Every two months, they upload four new entries. On June 15th, the same day this podcast is released, they offer up a new batch, featuring Sam Prekop of Sea and Cake, Foodman, Megan Alice Clune, and Nailah Hunter.

Mark and Andrew have a long history in the music industry and are lifelong record collectors. They joined us to discuss the way Longform works, how they crafted it as a sustainable project for both artists who contribute and themselves, the process of deep listening, and much more. 

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