Dunza :: Disowned

The latest manifestation of aural wizardry from James Toth, best known for his work under the retired Wooden Wand banner and with the trans-Atlantic jam combo One Eleven Heavy. When the latter was put on momentary hold due to the pandemic and the apocalyptic global conditions that followed, Toth retreated into a new set of songs he tinkered with and expanded on, emphasizing vibe and sonic space along the way. The result is Star Client, recently released under the project name Dunza. These supremely dubbed out tracks find Toth making himself at home in new places, settling into mutated drone funk, Popol Vuh-style devotional psych, and time-bending zoner rock. Check out the video for “Disowned” for a taste. Conceived and edited by collaborator Jason Meagher of Black Dirt Studio, it offers a peek into the curious sound worlds of Dunza, where I find myself lingering a lot these days. | j woodbury

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