Weed & Molasses: Little Feat | Live at WLIR Ultrasonic Studios, April 10, 1973

F-E-A-T! 1973 finds Little Feat at their prime, with a couple of albums under their belt and what is often recognized as their best lineup. Consisting of Lowell George (Guitar, Vocals), Paul Barrere (Guitar, Vocals), Kenny Gradney (Bass), Richie Hayward (Drums, Vocals), Sam Clayton (Percussion, Vocals), and Bill Payne (Keyboards), the band of this era lays down rhythmic grooves played raw, loud, and funky as hell — along with a few moments of wistful balladry for good measure. Their live recording at WLIR in Long Island on April 10, 1973 is undoubtedly one of the great early Feat bootlegs, and perhaps only rivaled by the following year’s performance at the very same studio on September 19, 1974 (now officially released as Electrif Lycanthrope: Live at Ultra-Sonic Studios, 1974). Fresh from the recording sessions for Dixie Chicken, this 1973 set is red hot. Keen listeners will spot the version of “Two Trains” as the same one released on Hoy-Hoy! in 1981.

If you’re a newcomer to the band, or simply curious, consider this live recording a gateway to one of rock ‘n’ roll’s finest, yet criminally unsung outfits. As a Feat fiend who’s had the good fortune of producing a few archival releases for the band (including the forthcoming 8CD Super Deluxe Edition of Waiting for Columbus out July 29th via Rhino), this 1973 recording is essential listening. | j jones

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