Ahmed Malek :: Autopsie d’un Complot

We’ve found ourselves delving deep into the Habibi Funk series of late and Ahmed Malek’s absolute smoker “Autopsie d’un Complot,” from Habibi Funk 003: Musique Originale De Films, is the most recent to slide on repeat. Malek was an Algerian composer who left an indelible mark in regional movies, television shows, and documentaries, blending together bossa nova, lounge, jazz, psych and funk influences and infusing eastern tonalities into these western modes. 

The compilation, released back in 2016, serves as sort of “Best Of” but nothing else sounds quite like “Autopsie d’un Complot,” the score to a 1978 thriller of the same name. Kicking off with wavy sunshine-psych guitar and giving way to a deeply mischievous bassline and glistening synths, the track stays deep in the pocket for three-and-a-half-minutes of lean, sweltering funk. One imagines the grooviest car chase of all time. | c depasquale

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