Eddie Chacon :: Holy Hell

When we last checked in with Eddie Chacon, he’d just released the beatific Pleasure, Joy, and Happiness, a blissed out collection of drum machine and synth-driven soul music. Now he’s returned with a new cut, “Holy Hell,” and a new label in Stones Throw Records. In a new Sissy Chacon-directed video, Eddie and producer John Carroll Kirby go cruising in a message scrawled 1986 Lincoln Mach 7, cooing a far out sermon like Curtis Mayfield over G-Funk keys and reeds. “In ‘Holy Hell’ I’m talking about how we forget that our happiness is determined by our headspace and how it’s up to us whether we want to live our brief time here on Earth in heaven or hell,” Chacon says. For the few minutes this one’s rolling, it’s easy to envision utopia, its sleek beat lending a little celestial radiance to the everyday. | j woodbury

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