Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard :: January 2022

Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard, every third Sunday on dublab. This month, New Happy Gathering showcases an alternately upbeat and somber hour of jazz & dream pop, Range and Basin leans into long instrumentals and new age, and Doom and Gloom starts the year off right with an Honey Slides mix of dark all-electric Neil Young rarities. To close, Grey on Gray, an all-vinyl hour long slide to close out the last year and open up a new one. Fireside GORP-jazz, new age, and beyond. 1969-2022. Tune in Sunday, January 15 from 4—8 PM Pacific on dublab.

New Happy Gathering with Chad DePasquale: John Cale & Terry Riley, “The Protege” ++ Broadcast, “Man is Not a Bird” ++ Movietone, “Sun Drawing” ++ Lô Borges, “Toda Essa Água” ++ Steve Tibbetts, “Black Mountain Side” ++ Jaimie Branch, “simple silver surfer” ++ John Clark, “Silver Rain, pt. III” ++ Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger, “This Woman’s Work” ++ Mary Margaret O’Hara, “Body’s In Trouble” ++ The Submissives, “Wanna be your thing” ++ Brian Eno, “Burning Airlines Give You So Much More” ++ Suicide, “Be Bop Kid” ++ Non Plus Temps, “Five Birds Named California” > “New Way To Wave (Goodbye)” ++ Zelda, “Darkness – One Day’s Scene” ++ Peter Ivers, “Ain’t That a Kick”

Range and Basin with Jason P. Woodbury: Michael Krassner and the Basiners, “Theme From Range and Basin” ++ Malcolm McLaren, “Legba” ++ Jimmy Giuffre, “Green Country” ++ Suss, “Linger” ++ Six Organs of Admittance, “In From the Rain” ++ “Bobby Lee, “Geodesic Map” ++ JPW & Dad Weed, “Wolf Moonette” (interlude)  ++ Eddie Chacon, “Holly Hell”  ++ Cheri Knight, “Breathe” ++ The Ecstasy of Gold, “Late Night Street Light” ++ Laraaji, “Bethlehem”

Doom and Gloom From the Tomb with Tyler Wilcox: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, “Cortez The Killer” (Rotterdam 1976) ++ Neil Young, “Hitchhiker” (Atlanta 2010) ++ Neil Young & The Restless, “Cocaine Eyes (Coffs Harbour 1989) ++ Neil Young & The Stray Gators, “Gator Stomp” (The Barn 1972) ++ Neil Young & The International Harvesters, “Southern Pacific” (San Jose 1984) ++ Neil Young & Crazy Horse, “Mr. Soul” (Mansfield 1987) ++ Neil Young with Booker T & the MG’s, “All Along The Watchtower (London 1993) ++ Neil Young & Crazy Horse, “Fuckin Up” (Leipzig 1996) ++ Neil Young & Crazy Horse, “Homegrown” (Boulder 1976)

Grey on Grey: Rich Ruth, “Taken Back” ++ Ezra Feinberg, “Ovation”++ Kim Åge Furuhaug, “Haraldsvik Camping” >> “Astagjol” ++ Nico Georis, “Hot Slots (excerpt)” ++ Joys Union Group, “Cloud Paint” ++ Michael Garrison, “To The Other Side Of The Sky” ++ David Darling, “Cycle Two: Trio” ++ Oregon, “Travel By Day” ++ Henri Texier, “L’elephant” ++ Bennie Maupin, “Ensenada” ++ Tim Buckley, “Gypsy Woman”

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