Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard :: April 16, 2023

Coming in hot like mercury. Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard. Gentle drifts, upward shifts, and who knows what else in between. This month, resident DJ Chad Depasquale digs up a blend of funk, country, soul, and folk music—let yourself wander with New Happy Gathering. Next, Jason Woodbury’s desert sojourn Range and Basin after the end of the world. Then, Doom and Gloom from the Tomb with Tyler Wilcox. Some old stuff, some new stuff. All golden! And to close, a special mix from James Adams, a special presentation of Pretty Good Stuff: Bob Dylan in Japan. Airs on dublab, Sunday, April 16, from 4-8 Pacific.

New Happy Gathering with Chad DePasquale: Planetary Peace, “Song Without Warning” ++ Zulu, “Cariño Grande” ++ Natalia Clarke, “No Hay Amor” ++ Hawa Daisy Moore, “Funky Town” ++ Sachiko Kanenobu, “Anata Kara Toku E (Far Away From You)” ++ Fe 59, “Estoy Brillando” ++ Odetta, “Every Night” ++ The Supremes, “All I Want” ++ Jenny Jordan, Billy Carnes & The Lee Riders, “Walking in the Sunshine of Your Love” ++ Sachiko Kanenobu, “Toki Ni Makasete (Leave It To Time)” ++ F.P & The Doubling Riders, “Voila Les Tropiques” ++ Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru, “Evening Breeze” ++ Santos Rubio, “Por Nacimiento” ++ Joyce Street, “Lost Highway”

Range and Basin with Jason P. Woodbury: Michael Krassner and the Basineers, “Theme From Range and Basin” ++ Operating Theatre, “Spring Is Coming” (Morgan Buckley MIDI-Suite Remix) ++ Sun Ra & His Arkestra, “It’s After The End Of The World” ++ Black Lips, “Apocalypse Love” ++ Jana Horn, “Jordan” ++ Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States of Alchemy, “Unknown to Ourselves” ++ Martin Newell, “She Rings the Changes” ++ Lisbon Rainboat Mojo, “brazillionaires theme” ++ Jeffrey Silverstein and William Tyler, “Chet” ++ Roy Orbison, “Twinkle Toes” ++ Arthur Russell, “The Boy With a Smile” ++ Scenic, “The Acid Gospel Experience” ++ Prairiewolf, “Roadside Bandit Type”  

Doom and Gloom from the Tomb with Tyler Wilcox: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, “Hickory Wind” ++ John Also Bennett, “Embrosneros” ++ Susan Alcorn, “People Get Ready” ++ Dave Easley, “Giant Steps” ++ Saariselka, “Subsurface” ++ Nashville Ambient Ensemble, “Horizon” ++ Eno/Lanois, “Silver Morning” ++ BJ Cole, “Slight Rhapsody” ++ North Americans, “The River Is Wide” ++ Talk West, “Set Adrift” ++ Chas Smith, “After” ++ SUSS, “Echo Lake” ++ Buddy Emmons, “L’Hiver Sur La Plage” 

Pretty Good Stuff-Bob Dylan in Japan with James Adams: DJ talk over What Can I Do For You? (1980-01-15; Seattle, WA) ++ Lonesome Bedroom Blues (1978-02-25; Osaka, Japan) ++I Threw It All Away (1978-02-25; Osaka, Japan) ++ DJ Talk Over Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Breakdown (1986-03-10; Tokyo, Japan) ++ Lonesome Town (1986-03-10; Tokyo, Japan) ++ Positively 4th Street (1986-03-10; Tokyo, Japan) ++ What Good Am I? (1994-02-11; Nagoya, Japan) ++ Viola Lee Blues (1997-02-24; Sapporo, Japan) ++ DJ talk over Lay Lady Lay (1997-02-24; Sapporo; Japan) ++ Drifter’s Escape (2001-03-13; Hamamatsu, Japan) ++ Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) (2010-03-15; Osaka, Japan) ++ DJ talk over I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (2010-03-15; Osaka, Japan) ++ Scarlet Town (2014-04-04; Tokyo, Japan) ++ The Night We Called It A Day (2016-04-06; Tokyo, Japan) ++ DJ talk over Melancholy Mood (2016-04-06; Tokyo, Japan) ++ Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (2018-07-29; Yuzawa-cho, Japan)

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