Cinnamon Soulettes :: I’ll Show You How

A deeply sighing cut of downtempo soul, the emotional gravitas on Cinnamon Soulettes’ “I’ll Show You How” is only amplified by the mystery surrounding its actual recording. Information via Melodies International, the London-based label responsible for putting the 1975 7” back into the world earlier this year, offers that it was a self-released affair produced by famed Seattle-based recording engineer Kearney Barton. That’s it. The players unknown, we can only surmise the rest from what we hear: a woman’s voice, deep & rich, delivers an urgent plea for a romantic sign, and, almost in a kind of self-call-and-response, a promise in song to love wholly. A stark piano dances the highs, lows, and abysses of her yearning and fulfillment, winds rise gently with her heartbeat. This one leaves you on the floor, but the spirited b-side, “Wishing on a Wishing Well” is there to lift you up with a funky gospel cadence and flying flute solo. | c depasquale

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