Elia y Elizabeth :: Alegría b/w Ponte Bajo el Sol

Circa 1973 by way of 2023, this recently released 7” from the Madrid-based Munster Records comprises two tracks from Colombian sisters Elia and Elizabeth Fleta—the title track to their album Alegría and a slice of sunshine psych from their self-titled lp. Backed by Jimmy Salcedo and his group La Onda Tres on both tracks, the sisters possess an enchanting, jazzy, tropical pop on the A-side, with charging horns, buzzy basslines, groovy piano passages, and funky kaleidoscopic harmonies. On “Ponte Bajo el Sol,” the band turns to psychedelic organ and doomy organ, while Elia and Elizabeth take on a breathier, ye-ye inspired vocal, subverting the song’s sunshine invitation with a retro-mod moodiness. Killer stuff. | c depasquale

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