Transmissions :: Moby and Lindsay Hicks (Moby Pod)

Welcome back to Transmissions. This week on the program, we’re joined by electronic musician Moby and Lindsay Hicks. Together, they run Little Walnut, a production company responsible for documentaries like Punk Rock Vegan, music videos, and Moby Pod—a podcast dedicated to offering unique perspectives on music, animal activism, climate change, and beyond. This conversation with host Jason P. Woodbury demonstrates the way Moby and Hicks are brave and open in ways that aren’t common in our culture, rejecting the easy cynicism and guardedness that seems to rule the day. And while this talk does get a little bleak at times, it’s also a very funny conversation concerning our changing landscape, science fiction, music, and full of a lot of quips and jokes. We hope you enjoy it.

Transmissions :: Moby & Lindsay Hicks (Moby Pod)

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Next week on Transmissions? John Carroll Kirby. Be well in the meantime, this Transmission is concluded. 

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