Tyvek :: Overground

It’s been nearly a decade since Tyvek’s last proper album, Origin of What, but the Detroit rock denizens haven’t missed a beat. Overground returns to the barreling, bare-bones sound the band are known for, with frontman Kevin Boyer’s wiggly guitar solos now sharing space with sax blurts from his latest recruit, Emily Roll of XV. The rest of Tyvek’s personnel is a who’s who of the Michigan subterranean scene, with Alex Glendening (Deadbeat Beat) on bass, Fred Thomas (Idle Ray) doubling up on drums and recording duty, and second guitarist Shelley Salant (Shells, XV) releasing the album on her DIY label, Ginkgo Records. Sax-forward songs like “Trash & Junk” and “What Were We Thinking” channel the spirit of X-Ray Spex before Lora Logic got the boot, while Boyer’s languid spoken-word delivery on the nearly seven-minute title track flashes back to the teachings of the Minutemen’s “History Lesson Part 2.” When the going gets weird, the underground poke their heads above the surface, but this is still the Tyvek we know and love. | j locke

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