Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath

Previously lost footage captured on French television in 1973, dip in to this frenetic and blissful clip from Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath. After a beautiful two-minutes of the long-fingered namesake’s chopping, the South African/English ensemble marches through a masterclass of sound, worthy of many lost hours deep in the discographies of its (then) ten members. Six-and-a-half minutes of “Do It” – punctuated by an extended Radu Malfatti trombone solo – is (like the video here) tragically cut short. Harry Miller’s flugelhorn mastery and Harry Miller’s (at times staccato) bass are revelations on “Nutcase” and “Andromeda.” The takeaway is a lesson in collaboration: seven incredible, accomplished brass instrumentalists weaving through McGregor’s genre-spanning style and orchestration, as well as Miller’s bass, all driven by the pace-setting, blood-pressure building drums of Louis Moholo. | b kramer

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