Liam Kazar :: Next Time Around

Liam Kazar returns with a taste of his tbd next LP. “Next Time Around” is breezy, displaying Kazar’s gentle pop sensibility. His plaintive voice and the subtle music spin a somewhat sadder tune than what was on offer on his revelatory Due North LP, but the results are as sublime. Narrating the raw feelings of heartbreak, Kazar speaks of his love as a “ghost inside these walls,” for whom he misses the fleeting opportunities to show how much he cares. The line “If you’re still rolling through this hole they call a town/ I’ll just have to catch you the next time around” feels without hope as if to acknowledge that a dying fire can emit light beyond when it can provide warmth. The beautifully mournful tune, accentuated by the delicate additions of Sam Evian, Sean Mullins, and Michael Prince Coleman, whets ones appetite for what’s to come this year from Kazar. | b kramer

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