Bobby Lee :: Endless Skyways

Endless Skyways finds Lee having finally reached the horizon he’d been headed toward, only to take a flying leap beyond it. At just nine tracks, the album wastes no time. The band achieves liftoff straight away with “Reds for a Blue Planet,” powered by Lee’s patented homebrew of twang and choogle. Just like that, we’re lost in the ozone and our heads are feeling a little lighter.

Bobby Lee :: Origin Myths

Sonic cartographer Bobby Lee expands the map of his improvisational soundscapes on Origin Myths, his new album and follow-up to last year’s Shakedown in Slabtown. Recorded straight to four track with no subsequent tampering, the album embraces what label Tompkins Square describes as “The Bob Ross school of philosophy … imperfections allowed to stand; knowing that nothing is ever truly finished.”