Bobby Lee :: Origin Myths

Sonic cartographer Bobby Lee expands the map of his improvisational soundscapes on Origin Myths, his new album and follow-up to last year’s Shakedown in Slabtown. Recorded straight to four track with no subsequent tampering, the album embraces what label Tompkins Square describes as “The Bob Ross school of philosophy … imperfections allowed to stand; knowing that nothing is ever truly finished.”

And true to that ethos, the compositions do feel limitless. Lee’s approach is widescreen and spacious, with atmospheric landscapes that are contemplative and drifting, while also unafraid to hover into more evocative and deliberate neighborhoods: late night desert run-ins with driving, motorik rhythms, and swampy waters thick with JJ Cale sludge. Sometimes the music evokes a deal gone wrong – some kind of duel between Neil Young’s Dead Man score and Suicide’s nocturnal thruways – only to pause and breathe out again, re-entering the natural world and all its splendor. | c depasquale

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