Color Green :: S/T

Color Green is the eponymous debut LP from the Los Angeles, via Queens, duo of Corey Madden and Noah Kohll. Released via AD and Org Music, it’s an eight track collection of riffing grooves, satisfying harmonies, and skillful micro-jamming.

Color Green :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Arriving July 22 via AD and Org Music, Color Green’s full-length debut is music of absolute forward motion, meant to be played from open car windows no matter the speed you’re traveling. The songs nod reverently to their forebears—from the Allmans-tinged sunshine of “Ill Fitting Suit” to the JJ Cale taillight lament of “Ruby”—before tossing up a wave and taking the whole show a little further down the road. With another record in the works and a road-tested band behind them, we caught up with Noah Kohll and Corey Madden as their Color Green hive mind ambles steadily toward its next incarnation.

Color Green :: So Far Behind

With a much-anticipated full-length release slated to drop next year, Color Green primes the pump with a pair of singles that trade dusty boots and ponchos for a little worn denim and rhinestone—and everything’s still comfy as hell.

Color Green :: S/T EP

In anticipation of their forthcoming full-length, slide into Color Green’s self-titled ep from last year; a laid back twenty minute ride harnessing the spirit of peak-era 70s coast and canyon. Bootcut tall tales dripping with pedal steel, lilting harmonies and an aching sense of wonder. Something they use to call ‘cosmic American music’.