Color Green :: S/T

Color Green is the eponymous debut LP from the Los Angeles, via Queens, duo of Corey Madden and Noah Kohll. Released via AD and Org Music, it’s an eight track collection of riffing grooves, satisfying harmonies, and skillful micro-jamming. As with their 2020 EP, Madden and Kohll’s songwriting sensibilities are as clear here as their “smiling when they sing” vocal delivery, particularly on tracks like “Ill Fitting Suit” and “Stretchin’ Thumbst”. The structures just make sense.

A heady roux, Green succeeds in mixing equal parts celestial and celebratory; birthing notes that cruise by a distanced and dilapidated barn off a county road (“Bell of Silence”) as efficiently as they collide with the rollicking, regional state fair (“Blizzed Out”). It’s an album for the doers as much as the do-nothings: hit play and clean out your car, or light one up and lay in the grass. Either way, you’d do well to try both. | k fortinsky

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