Dana Gavanski :: LATE SLAP

On her third album, LATE SLAP, the Serbian-Canadian musician warbles, coos, and ululates like an art deco songbird. Gliding across meticulously constructed orchestral synth-pop with emotional intensity regulated at a slow simmer, Gavanski combines classic songcraft with a mishmash of hyper-modern motifs, tempering the tragic clown with a sense of stillness. Fans of Cate Le Bon’s manicured post-punk or last year’s excellent album from En Attendant Ana might find another new favorite here.

Dana Gavanski :: When It Comes

Bubbling under the surface of the gently thoughtful music that populates Dana Gavanski’s new record When It Comes (Flemish Eye) are hints of darker emotions, expressions of frustration both transformed and averted, of the same mind as Cate Le Bon’s avant-pop and Linda Perhacs’ kaleidoscopic folk.