James and the Giants :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Over his many years perched in the tangled branches of American underground music’s family tree, James Jackson Toth has employed many names for his projects, including his own name, the ever-morphing Wooden Wand designation, DUNZA, and more. And now: James and The Giants. He joins us to discuss the personal and sci-fi nature of the record and ponder: What would Neil Young do?

Lagniappe SuperSession :: Birthday Blues | 33 Artists Interpret The Music Of James Toth

Surprise! The first Lagniappe SuperSession is a birthday party gathering of 33 artists interpreting the music of songwriter, James Toth. The songs in this collection cover over 20 years of music from James’ career, from his early band Golden Calves to his last Wooden Wand record, Clipper Ship. Featuring artists Woods, Marisa Anderson, Lee Ranaldo, William Tyler, Ryley Walker, Tashi Dorji (as Mount), Thurston Moore, Meg Baird, and 25 more, the range of styles and sounds on this compilation show off the universality of Toth’s impressive oeuvre.